About Us

Rite Television

We are Christian and Inspirational content Ugandan Television. Watch TV shows and movies that are safe for your family and affirm your faith.


Providing Christ-Centered teaching of the Word of God through evangelism, discipleship, leadership development and mentorship.


Christ-Centered, high quality media services that promote leadership and family values in a rapidly changing environment.


To have a true gospel television station of high-quality signal, quality pictures, competitive presenters, and provide up to date on-the-spot breaking news.


Pronouncing sound and accurate doctrine to the whole world! 2 Timothy 4:3


“RITE TELEVISION” was conceived following a thorough assessment of the needs of the people mainly from and in the Western Region of Uganda with the help of visual and virtual aid. This need cuts across urban, peri-urban and rural communities, with a population estimated to be 10,577,900 as of July 2020. This population speaks Runyakitara within Uganda and across national boundaries. “RITE TV” is designed to address and meet the true gospel needs for that category using digital TV as the initial segment. The focus will be on the Word of God through evangelism, discipleship, mentorship, leadership, and skills development. While the main studio and station will be in Kampala, other offices and substations will be set up in other parts of Western Uganda.


The objectives for which this RTV Station is established are:

To carry out the establishment of Television and communications stations (RITE TV);
To promote leadership development based on character and biblical values;
To provide community education campaigns on matters pertaining to development, education, family, parenting and health;
To advocate for salvation, helping Christians and Non-Christians in urban and rural Communities to be strong in faith;
To empower Ugandans to reach their full potential through practical skills, spiritual and emotional guidance and
To encourage, promote and provide a platform for local artists to develop their Christian musical talents.

Core values

Integrity — Professionalism — Excellence — Leadership — Servanthood — Godliness